Carl C. Cowen


Ph.D. Univ. of California, Berkeley 1976 M.A. Indiana University 1971 A.B. Indiana University 1967


Professor IUPUI 2004- Director, Actuarial Science Program IUPUI 2010- Dean, School of Science Indiana University - Purdue University at Indianapolis 2004-2006 Visiting Professor Mathematical Biosciences Institute Department of Mathematics Ohio State University 2002-2003 Head, Department of Mathematics Purdue University 1997-2002 Director, Actuarial Science Program Purdue University 1992-97 Professor Purdue University 1989-2004 Associate Professor Purdue University 1983-89 Assistant Professor Purdue University 1978-83 Visiting Lecturer University of Illinois 1976-78 Instructor Indiana Univ. East, Richmond 1969-72 Instructor Earlham College (joint appt. with Indiana East) 1969-71


AAAS (Amer. Assoc. Adv. Science), Math Section, Nominating Comm. 2010-13 Bernie Morrel Teaching Award, IUPUI Mathematical Sciences Dept. 2010 Mathematical Association of America Certificate for Meritorious Service 2009 Indiana Section MAA Distinguished Service Award 2003 Deborah and Franklin Tepper Haimo Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching 1997 Indiana Section MAA Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching 1995 School of Science Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award 1985-86 American Mathematical Society Mathematical Association of America Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics International Linear Algebra Society Society for Mathematical Biology Association for Women in Mathematics Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science American Association for the Advancement of Science Sigma Xi Phi Beta Kappa Marshall Scholarship


Member, Editorial Advisory Board for "Journal of Humanistic Mathematics" 2009- AMS Representative, Program Committee for "First International Congress on Mathematics and Statistics" held March, 2010 at Univ. of Sharjah, UAE Member, NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress) Math Standing Committee 2008- Member, Editorial Board for book series "Issues in Mathematics Education" (CBMS/AMS) 2008-2010 Member, Steering Committee, Forum on the National Math Panel Report, 2008-09 Member, Advisory Board, Institute for Mathematics and Education, U. of Arizona, 2007-2010 Past-President, Mathematical Association of America, 2007-2008 President, Mathematical Association of America, 2005-2007 Past President, SIGMAA on Mathematical and Computational Biology 2006-2008 President-Elect, Mathematical Association of America, 2004-2005 First Vice President, Mathematical Association of America, 2002-2004 Chair, MAA Coordinating Council on Education, 2000-2002 MAA Coordinating Council on Education, 1996-2002 2004 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Math. Planning Comm. 2000-01 Project Director, AMS Task Force on Excellence in Mathematics Scholarship, 1995-97 Indiana Section Governor, Board of Governors, Mathematical Association of America, 1996-1999 SIAM Committee on Education, 1995-2001 AMS Committee on Education, 1993-97, 2000-2003 Member-at-Large, Council, American Mathematical Society, 1992-95 Co-Chair and Purdue Coordinator for Wabash Modern Analysis Seminar 1984-2001 Chair, Indiana Section of the Mathematical Association of America, 1989-90 & 82-83


Operators on Hilbert Space Analytic Functions Matrix Analysis


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(with B.D. MacCluer) "Composition Operators on Spaces of Analytic Functions" CRC Press, Boca Raton, 1995 (xii+388 pages) "Introduction to Matrix Analysis for Engineering and Science" West Pickle Press, 1996 (viii+410 pages) "Linear Algebra for Engineering and Science" West Pickle Press, 1996 (viii+462 pages)


James W. Carlson Weighted Composition Operators on l^2 Ph.D., May 1985 R.K. CampbellWright On the Equivalence of Composition Operators on H^2 Ph.D., December 1989 Houcine Sadraoui Hyponormality of Toeplitz and Composition Operators Ph.D., May 1992 Paul Hurst Linear Fractional Composition Operators on Weighted Hardy Spaces Ph.D., August 1995 Mark Ho Spectra of Slant Toeplitz Operators Ph.D., August 1996 Rebecca Wahl Composition Operators with Multivalent Symbol Ph.D., August 1997 Tamara Worner Commutants of Some Composition Operators on the Hardy Space Ph.D., December 1998 Kathryn Lewis Hyponormality of Bergman Toeplitz Operators Ph.D., December 1999 Ruth D. Enoch Formal Power Series Solutions for Schroeder's Equation in Several Complex Variables Ph.D., August 2004 Gajath Gunatillake Weighted Composition Operators Ph.D., August 2005 Kayla B. Dwelle Some Results on Hadamard Closure and Variation Diminishing Properties of Totally Nonnegative Matrices Ph.D., December 2007 Maria Neophytou On the Point Spectrum of Adjoints of Composition Operators and Weighted Composition Operators Ph.D., August 2011 Robert A. Bridges A Solution to Schroeder's Equation in Several Variables Ph.D., August 2012 James M. Carter Commutants of Composition Operators on the Hardy Space of the Disk Ph.D., May 2013 Derek A. Thompson Restrictions to Invariant Subspaces of Composition Operators on the Hardy Space of the Disk Ph.D., May 2013


How Is New Mathematics Changing Your Life? (Bellarmine Univ. 2014) Thoughts on Invariant Subspaces in Hilbert Spaces Rota's Universal Operators and Invariant Subspaces in Hilbert Spaces Commutants of Blaschke Product Multiplication Operators (Wabash Seminar, April 2014) An Unexpected Group (Joint Math Meetings, 2014) Use of Technology in Teaching the Mathematics of Linear Algebra (Joint Math Meetings, 2010) The Teaching -- Technology Linkage in Mathematics (Joint Math Meetings, 2008) Spectral Picture for Some Composition Operators Invariant Subspaces for Composition Operators Connections Between Mathematics and Biology Weighted Composition Operators on Functional Hilbert Spaces Adjoints of Composition Operators The St. Louis Arch & Other Mathematically Interesting Shapes Facing the Challenges of a Mathematics Department in a Research University Linear Fractional Maps in Several Variables Rearranging the Alternating Harmonic Series Challenging Your Students to Do Their Best Fixed Points of Functions Analytic on the Unit Disk

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