Jyoti Sarkar welcomes You.

"`Let some things be predictable and let others be unpredictable,' said the Lord God. Now it is the job of the statistician to figure out which is which."

Jyoti Sarkar is the inventor of the SARKARCUBES.
To learn more about this invention, click on SARKARCUBES.

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    Jyotirmoy Sarkar
      Associate Professor and Statistics Consultant

         Department of Mathematical Sciences
         Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
         402 N Blackford Street
         Indianapolis, IN 46202-3216

         PHONE: (317)-274-8112
         FAX: (317)-274-3460
         OFFICE: LD 270C

         E-MAIL:jsarkar@math.iupui.edu    <- the best way to contact me
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