Midwest Dynamical Systems Seminar

October 10 - 12, 2003

Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis

Schedule of talks

On Friday the talks will be held in the LD building (it can be easily found on this map, look for it to the left of Blackford Street), room 010, and on Saturday and Sunday in the IH (School of Law) building (on the corner of New York and West streets; it is only 1 block from the hotel), room 300.

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Friday, October 10

3:00 pm -- 4:00 pm
Vitaly Bergelson (Ohio State University)
Higher degree mixing out of weak mixing

4:00 pm     Coffee

4:30 pm -- 5:30 pm
Mike Boyle (University of Maryland)
Entropy on shrinking scales, and the entropy theory of symbolic extensions

7:30 pm     Theatre

Saturday, October 11

8:30 am     Coffee

9:00 am -- 10:00 am
Kuo-Chang Chen (University of Arizona)
Minimizing methods for the N-body problem without equal-mass constraint

10:00 am     Coffee

10:30 am -- 11:30 am
Ana Rodrigues (Oporto University and Minho University)
Secondary bifurcations in systems with S_N symmetry

11:40 am -- 12:40 pm
Qui-Dong Wang (University of Arizona)
Dynamics of rank one maps: Theory and application

12:40 pm     Lunch break

2:30 pm -- 3:30 pm
Susan Williams (University of South Alabama)
Knots, algebraic dynamics and Mahler measure

3:30 pm     Coffee

4:00 pm -- 5:00 pm
Nandor Simanyi (University of Alabama at Birmingham)
From local to global ergodicity: An algebraic approach

5:10 pm -- 6:10 pm
Ethan Coven (Wesleyan University)
Continuous Markov maps of the interval

8:00 pm     Party

Sunday, October 12

9:00 am     Coffee

9:30 am -- 10:30 am
Charles Holton (University of Texas)
Symmetry in packing problems and tiling systems

10:30 am     Coffee

11:00 am -- 12:00 noon
Mike Keane (Wesleyan University)
Coefficient dynamics

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