Current Research Projects

Asok Sen

Professor Asok Sen received his PhD from Cornell University. He has held visiting positions at the California Institute of Technology, University of Toronto, Northwestern University and Cornell University. His research interests are in multiscale analysis and modeling using advanced signal processing and soft computing techniques, with biomedical, engineering and environmental applications.

Current Research Projects

  1. Analysis of Tremor Signals from Patients with Parkinson's Disease and Other Neurological Disorders

  2. Analysis of Seizure EEG of Epileptic Patients and Animal Seizure Models

  3. Modeling of Signal Transduction Processes in Muscle

  4. Analysis of Functional MRI Data of Hand Movement

  5. Dynamics of Pressure and Heat Release Fluctuations in Internal Combustion Engines

  6. Analysis of Solar Activity and Upper Atmospheric Processes

  7. Analysis of Climate Records from Glaciers, Lakes, Rivers, Oceans and Caves

Papers recently published, accepted or submitted

  1. Sen, A. K. (2007): Multifractality as a Measure of Complexity in Solar Flare Activity, Solar Physics, 241, 67-76.

  2. Swartz, D. R., Yang, Z., Sen, A. K., Tikunova, S., Davis, J. P. (2007): Myofibrillar Troponin Exists in Three States and There is Signal Transduction Along the Skeletal Myofibrillar Thin Filaments, Journal of Molecular Biology, 361, 420-435.

  3. Sen, A. K., Dostrovsky, J. (2007): Analysis of Local Field Potentials Recorded from the Subthalamic Nucleus of Patients with Parkinson's Disease: A Wavelet-Based Approach, Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine, 8(3) 165-171.

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