Dr. Alexey Kuznetsov: Hiring

Post-Doctoral Position in Mathematical Biology

The position supported by NSF is filled. However, postdoctoral candidates who have external funding are very welcome to apply. The Indianapolis Health Sciences campus is the focal point of the Indiana Life Sciences Initiative, which provides an excellent environment for collaborative research in many areas of quantitative biosciences. The postdoctoral fellow is welcome to participate in an ongoing project on the exploration of dynamical properties and signal processing performed by the brain or oscillatory behavior in regulatory networks. The projects have strong mathematical and biological components, offering interaction with experimental collaborators. Please visit my research page www.math.iupui.edu/~alexey/research.html for more information. Alternatively, the candidate is welcome to suggest an extra topic for research within my field of expertise.

To contact me on this matter, please send me your CV, source of funding and research interests, by e-mail:

Graduate students

Currently, there are a number of excellent startup projects for graduate students who are interested in computational and mathematical biology, including neuroscience and regulatory networks. Despite of the beginner level of the complexity, the projects are expected to lead to publications in high-level scientific journals approximately within the first year. They will involve the dynamical system approach to biological systems and phenomena, resulting, therefore, in research experience in both applied mathematics and theoretical biology. Additionally, the projects will involve computer simulation and programming components. The interdisciplinary nature of the study opens really promising perspective for the future career in academy or industry.

Potential graduate students who are interested in this research should explore the department graduate program, apply for admissions to IUPUI and contact me about your interest.