Carl C. Cowen

IUPUI Department of Mathematical Sciences

LD Building, Room 224P

402 North Blackford Street

Indianapolis, Indiana 46202-3216


                                   Commutants of Finite Blaschke Product Multiplication Operators on Bergman Spaces(ar 12/10)
                                   Continuous Semigroups of Composition Operators
                                   Butler University: Rearranging the Alternating Harmonic Series
                                   Central Michigan U: Thoughts on Invariant Subspaces
                                   IUPUI Grad Seminar: Bridging Complex and Functional Analysis
                                   Duquesne University: How Is New Mathematics Changing YOUR Life?
                                   2010 Joint Meetings: Use of Technology in Teaching the Mathematics of Linear Algebra

Information: E-mail:  ccowen "at" iupui "dot" edu
             Office:  LD 224P
             Phone:   317-278-8846
             FAX:     317-274-3460

             Office Hours: M 12:15-2:00, Tu 10:00-11:30 and 3:30-4:45
                 or by appointment: send email for appointment

                                                                           Math 23100   Calculus for Life Sciences, I,   MW 10:30-11:45a  IT 273  
                                                                           Math 42500   Elements of Complex Analysis,   MW 3:00-4:15p  LD 002  
                                                                           Math 52500   Introduction to Complex Analysis,   MW 3:00-4:15p  LD 002  
                                                                           Math 51100   Linear Algebra with Applications,   MW 4:30-5:45p   LD 026  
                                                                           Operator Theory Seminar,   W 1:30-3:00p  LD 265  (starts ) August 29, 2018
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