Hanxiang Peng
Associate professor
Department of Mathematical Sciences, Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis
At Indianapolis since 2008.
Ph.D.(2001), Department of Math Sciences, Binghamton University. My dissertation advisor is Dr. Anton Schick

Office: LD 224B
402 N.Blackford St., LD270, Indianapolis, IN 46202-3216
Phone: (001)317-274-8070
Fax: (001)317-274-3460
E-mail: hpeng@math.iupui.edu

Stat 53300 Syllabus , Lecture Notes and Stat 62800 Syllabus and Lecture Notes.
Office hours: 3:00 - 4:00PM MW or by appointment.
Comprehensive Exam Datasets: Stat512wage.dat, Stat524petal.dat.

Statistics Seminar, Fall of 2011 , Statistics Seminar, Spring of 2012  Stat Seminar Fall of 2012 list the speakers and titles and abstracts. This seminar meets each Wednesday from 12:15-1:15PM at LD 265.

My Students
Current Ph.D. student:
Qun Lin (2010-) Dissertation Research: Empirical Likelihoods
Lingnan Li (2012-) Dissertation Research: Empirical Likelihoods
Shan Wang (2012-) Dissertation Research: Empirical Likelihoods
Former Ph.D. students:
Jake Olivier (2003). Dissertation: Home Range Techniques Utilizing Spatial Correlations.
Gibson Johnston (2005). Dissertation: An Exchangeable Negative Distribution and Its Applications.
Stephine Keeton (2006). Dissertation: A Semi-parametric Exchangeable Model and Its Applications.
Latonya Garner (2007). Dissertation: Analyzing Partially Exchangeable Binary Data.

Areas of current interests: (1) Survival analysis: I explore hazards regression using free knot splines and study its asymptotic behaviors with applications in health sciences. (2) Modeling of correlated data and generalized linear models: I exploit exchangeability and partial exchangeability to model correlated data common biological and medical sciences. (3) Semi-parametric regression: I explore asymptotic efficiency in semi-parametric models. (4) Robust statistics: I explore robust regression with depth functions. (5) Empirical likelihood: I explore empirical likelihood with infinitely many constraints, maximum empirical likelihood estimation and semiparametric efficiency. Variable selection under empirical likelihood loss.

Personal Interests: I like sports. My favorite sports are swimming, running and biking. I also play basket ball, tennis and table tennis though I am not a good player. Hanxiang Peng, Homepage Here are some pictures of mine.