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Welcome to Indianapolis!

Rocco Brunelle asked me to put together a review of various Chinese restaurants in Indianapolis. Rocco likes Italian and I like Chinese food. However, I used the "Bob and Rocco" style and format for my review.

I have lived in Indy for over 3 years and I originally came from Guang Zhou City, Canton Province Mainland China. Guang Zhou City is one of the five largest cities in China. Besides enjoying Chinese food, I also like to cook Chinese food for my family and myself. Thus I enjoyed the opportunity of helping Rocco put together this Chinese Restaurant Review.

You will be pleasantly surprised at the large number of Chinese Restaurants available in Indianapolis. Indy has a Yummy’s Restaurant with wonderful Dim Sum and two Forbidden City Restaurants with famous Peking cuisine.

I used the same rating system that Bob and Rocco used in their guide which evaluates the cost and value. Cost relates to cost and value is everything else. The figure on the back page gives my estimate of the cost and value by restaurant. You may notice that all my cost rankings are between 1 and 3. This is just another obvious indication of the terrific value of Chinese food.

Cost: $X estimates our feeling of the cost ($1=modest to $5 expensive)


Downtown Chinese Restaurants--a long walk or cab ride away from the Convention Center

Best Taste Chinese Restaurant – Inexpensive Chinese buffet. You can eat what you like and try new items. Their fresh cut orange fruit is especially good. Located North East of the IUPUI Campus and usually has a long waiting line during the lunch hour. Tel: 684-1818 $1

China King – Cuisine has been modified to accommodate the Midwest. Tel: 685-8630 $2

Concha’s – Chinese restaurant on IUPUI’s Campus. A few dishes available and food is so-so. Tel: 636-5853 $2

Hong Kong China Buffet – Chinese buffet with nice atmosphere, good food slightly modified to accommodate the West. Hard to park since it is located on a one-way street. Tel: 951-8882 $2

Orient Express – Fast Americanized Chinese food. It is consumable. Tel: 637-9105 $3

Rice Bowl – Lunch only due to being located inside the City Market. Americanized Chinese food and price is from $4 to $6:50 per dish. Tel: 638-1992 $1

Wok N Go – Terrific Chinese vegetables and nice place to go. It is a surprise to have it in the downtown area. Tel: 630-0046 $2


Near North of Indy – Driving Distance (within 10 minutes)

Zheng’s Garden – Inexpensive and more than 10 different dishes on the menu. Very authentic Chinese water dumpling. Easy to find since it is located next to Meridian street. Tel: 920-8888 $2

Forbidden City – Nice Chinese food restaurant chain with authentic Peking cuisine and atmosphere, good appetizers and delicious soups. Tel: 257-7388 $3


North Side of Indy – Driving Distance (More than 10 minutes)

Chinese Palace – Good lunch specials and located next to Castleton shopping mall. Tel: 842-5114 $3

Chinese Ruby Restaurant – has both buffet and menu order. Authentic Hong Kong cuisine from the menu along with advanced special orders. The buffet has over 20 tray items. This is a nice, quite place to bring a close friend for dining. One of Heng’s favorite. Tel: 253-6451 $3

Forbidden City – Buffet. Part of a restaurant chain. There is always someone grilling the food in the center of the buffet bar to give you a good appetizer. An Asian salad and cold meat bar from Kim Chee to salted shrimp for dinner, it is more than worth the price. Very popular with the local Chinese and some drive 30 minutes to get there. One of Heng’s favorite. Tel: 845-8989 $2

Oriental Health Cuisine – All Dishes with lean meat without MSG. Owner combines Chinese and Korean cuisine. Well decorated and warm welcome atmosphere. One of Heng’s favorite. Located next to the Castleton shopping mall. Tel: 578-3066 $3

Mark Pi’s China Gate – The restaurant’s daily special dish is excellent and worth a try. By the way, Heng’s friends like it more than she does. Tel: 254-8838 $3


North West Side – Driving Distance

Yummy – Chinese Restaurant with Hong Kong and Cantonese cuisine, known for their fresh fish. They also have nice Dim Sum comparable with Chicago China town. They also have ready-to-eat poultry for carryout (or dine-in). One of Heng’s favorite. Tel: 299-8883 $3

Yen Ching—Chinese Restaurant with Peking style food. Special order from duck to Chinese vegetables is also available. Nice atmosphere to enjoy authentic Chinese food. Tel: 228-0868 $3

Fortune House—Good buffet with good service and quiet atmosphere to enjoy slightly Americanized Chinese food. Heng likes their soups. Tel: 228-9622 $2


East Side – Driving Distance--Not familiar.


South Side – Driving Distance --Not familiar.


Enjoy JSM 2000 in Indianapolis!!!


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