My Research

My research program is in the area of applied computational mathematics with biological applications. I am interested in numerical methods for and computer simulations of fundamental mechanical and/or biological processes which involve incompressible viscous fluids and elastic deformable boundaries. There are two major components of my research program: development of numerical methods for fluid-flexible-structure-interaction problems including extension/improvement of the immersed boundary (IB) method, and applications of these methods to problems in life science/ biomedical engineering.

Currently I am working on 1)A new 3D parallel IB method with application to hemodialysis; 2)Multiscale modeling and simulation of interstitial fluid flow over an osteocyte in bone matrix; 3)An extreme scale IB method with applications; 4)Modeling and simulation of cancer cell metastasis.

Representative Publications


Luoding Zhu (2009), ``Interaction of two tandem deformable bodies in a flowing viscous fluid'', J. Fluid Mech., In Press.

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Henry Y. Chen, James Hermiller, Anjan Sinha, Michael Sturek, Luoding Zhu, and Ghassan S. Kassab (2009),``Effects of Intravascular Stent Sizing on Endothelial and Vessel Wall Stress: Potential Mechanisms of In-stent Restenosis'', Journal of Applied Physiology 106(5), pp. 1686-91.

Luoding Zhu (2008), ``Scaling laws for drag of a compliant body moving in an incompressible viscous fluid'', J. Fluid Mech. 607, pp. 387-400.

Luoding Zhu (2007), ``Viscous flow past an elastic fibre tethered at its center point: vortex shedding'', J. Fluid Mech., 587, pp. 217-234.

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Luoding Zhu, Derek Tretheway, Linda Petzold and Carl Meinhart (2005), ``Simulation of fluid slip at hydrophobic microchannel walls by the lattice Boltzmann method'', J. Comput. Phys. 202(1), pp. 181-195.

Luoding Zhu and Charles Peskin (2002), ``Simulation of a flexible flapping filament in a flowing soap film by the immersed boundary method'', J. Comput. Phys.179(2), pp. 452-468. [low resolution]  [high resolution, 3+ MB]

My PhD thesis


AVI Movies


1)An incompressible viscous flow past a flexible fiber tethered at its midpoint: vortex shedding


2)Intaction of two tandem flexible filaments in a flowing viscous incompressible fluid


3)Intaction of ten flexible fibers fixed on a rigid wall in a viscous incompressible flow


4)A 3D viscous flow past a flexible sheet fixed at its midline