The 33-th Symposium on Finsler Geometry at Lake Yamanaka, Japan
                          Oct. 21-24, 1998

Oct. 22

  1. 9:45-10:15  Tadashi AIKOU, Some remarks on the Finsler vector bundle modeled on a complex Minkowski space.

  2. 10:20-10:40  Masaki FUKUI, On complex (alpha, beta)-metrics.

  3. 11:00-11:20 Makoto MATSUMOTO,  On the stretch curvature of Finsler

  4. 11:25-11:55  Tetsuya NAGANO, On models of generalized Finsler spaces.

  5. 13:30-13:45 Hisashi SATO,  How to geometrize the physics?

  6. 13:50-14:20 Hideo SHIMADA, On Beil metric.

  7. 14:25-14:55 Vasile Sorin SABAU, On a transformation of Rund connection.

  8. 15:20-15:40 Hong-Suh PARK, Equations of geodesics in two-dimensional
    Finsler spaces with (alpha, beta)-metric, II.

  9. 15:45-16:00 Il-Yong LEE, Projective changes between a Finsler space
    with (alpha,beta)-metric and the associated Riemannian space.

  10. Fumio IKEDA, On S4-like Finsler spaces with T-condition.


  1. 9:30-10:15 Makoto MATSUMOTO, Projectively flat Finsler space.

  2. 10:20-10:35 Toshio SAKAGUCHI, On general Randers spaces

  3. 10:55-11:25 Yoshihiro ICHIJYO, Kahlerian Finsler manifolds of Chern


  1. 9:30-10:00 Masashi KITAYAMA, On contact structures of indicatrix

  2. 10:05-10:25 Keita SANO and Katsumi OKUBO, Four dimensional
    indefinite metric geometry.

  3. 10:30-10:45 Ryozo YOSHIKAWA, Three-dimensional conformally flat
    Finsler spaces with cubic metric.

  4. 10:50-11:05 Hiroshi ENDO, Two results on contact metric manifolds.