Conference on Finsler and Lagrange geometry

In the framework of a Memorandum of Understanding (1994- 2004) between the "Al.I.Cuza" University from Iasi and the Alberta University from Edmonton

Under the Auspices of

Prof. Dr. Dumitru Oprea,
Rector of the 'Al. I. Cuza' University of Iasi

Prof. dr. docent Radu Miron,
Member of the Romanian Academy

Prof. Dr. Constantin Ilioi,
Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics

Prof. Dr. Vasile Oproiu ,
Chancellor of the Faculty of Mathematics


Scientific Committee:

Prof. Dr. Radu Miron (Iasi, Romania)

Prof. Dr. P.L. Antonelli (Edmonton, Canada)
Prof. Dr. Hideo Shimada (Sapporo, Japan)
Prof. Dr. David Bao (Houston, USA)
Prof. Dr. L. Tamassy (Debrecen, Hungary)

Organizing Committee:

Prof. Dr. Mihai Anastasiei
Dr. I. Bucataru
Dr. M. Crasmareanu

Dear Colleague:

In the last year several international conferences on Finsler and Lagrange geometries were organized ( Brasov, Romania, 1994 ; Seattle, USA, 1995; Edmonton, Canada, 1998) besides the Seminars that periodically held in Japan and Romania. All these meetings produced important progresses in the field, that were marked by appearance of some references books. Wishing the progress of this field to continue we decided to organize a new Conference on Finsler and Lagrange geometries. We hope for your participation and contribution. More details will be provided in a second letter.

Location : The "Al.I.Cuza" University of Iasi, Romania

Date : 26-31 August, 2001

Registration Fee: 210 USD for foreigner participants (accommodation and meals for 6 days), payable in the arrival day. Variants for accommodation and meals for Romanian participants will be provided. No participation fees.

Correspondence related to the conference should be sent to

Prof. Dr. Mihai Anastasiei,
Faculty of Mathematics,
University "Al.I.Cuza" Iasi
6600, Iasi, Romania
Tel: 32 201219
E-mail :