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Lugwig Berwald was born on December 8, 1883, in Prague. He always listed his religion in the school catalog as Jewish. He entered the Royal Ludwig-Maximilian University (Munich) in the Fall of 1892, where he pursued his studies in mathematics and physics. In December of 1908, he earned his doctorate under professor Auriel Voss with his paper ``Über die Krümmungseigenschaften der Brennflachen eines geradlinigen Strahlsystems und der in ihm enthaltenen Regelflächen''. In 1915, Berwald married Hedwig Adler (born in Prague). After then, he became a lecturer at the Germann University in Prague. He was promoted to an associate professorship in 1922, and became a full professor in 1924.

On October 22, 1941, Berwald's scientific work came to a close. The Berwalds were deported to the Ghetto in Lodz, Poland, by order of the German Secret Police. Mrs Berwald died on March 27, 1942. Cause of death: Blocked arteries. Professor Ludwig Berwald died a few weeks later on April 20th. Cause of death: Intestinal catarrh, heart failure.

L. Berwald's scientific work is mainly in the area of differential geometry. He wrote 54 papers until the time of his deportation. Some of his papers set up the foundation of Finsler geometry.